Hardik Pandya’s Car Collection

Hardik Pandya‘s love for cars is no secret. From Mercedes to Lamborghini, the Indian cricketer ace has many lavish cars in his collection like the white Toyota Etios. Known for his lavish lifestyle, Pandya is the proud owner of a garage with luxury cars like Mercedes AMG G63 and Land Rover Range Rover. Here is a summary of Hardik Pandya’s enviable collection of cool sedans, fast cars, and luxury SUVs:

Car modelPriceColor
Audi A6INR 55.96 – INR 60.59White
Lamborghini Huracan EVOINR 3.22 crore – INR 4.10Orange
Range Rover VogueINR 2.11 croreWhite
Jeep CompassINR 17.02 lakh onwardsExotica Red
Mercedes G-wagonINR 1.62 crore – INR 2.42 crorePalladium Silver Metallic
Rolls RoyceStarting INR 6.22 croreSilver and Black

Hardik Pandya’s Audi A6

Hardik Pandya is the proud owner of the power saloon, Audi A6. One of the top-selling Audi cars in the country, as per Financial Express, the Audi A6 found its way into Hardik’s garage back in April 2018.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO

Among the SUVs, there is also Lamborghini’s low, road-blocking sports car. The INR 3.73 crore orange Huracan EVO fits well with the dynamic personality of the junior Pandya and offers the perfect combination of luxury, speed, and comfort.

Mercedes G-Wagon

Mercedes G-Wagon is also part of Hardik Pandya’s dazzling car collection. A step above, the sun-reflecting chrome shine and small doors add to the car’s overall, compact feel. From family dinners and parties to training, the G-Wagon is one of Pandya’s best vehicles.

Along with all his fancy cars, Hardik Pandya also has an immaculate white Toyota Etios in his garage. It may not be as expensive as other luxury cars in his collection, but it holds a special place in his heart as he has been seen driving it many times.

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