India vs Australia test series 2023 – Steve Smith

The Indian squad understands how to rush you, says Steve Smith

Steve Smith said that he rarely gets angry but he did get angry after getting out lbw against R Ashwin 

in the Delhi Test . According to Smith, when the second innings started, Australia were in a good position and the Indian spinners were unable to dominate the batsmen. For this reason Smith was more annoyed.Smith rarely used the sweep shot, but in the second innings of the second Test, six Australian batsmen were dismissed for sweeps, and Smith was one of them.In the absence of Pat Cummins, Smith will lead the Australian team in the third Test. He said, “I have played 95 (94) Test matches and I have been dismissed like this quite a few times. Don’t know what I was trying to do. I was very angry. It doesn’t happen very often in my career. I was surprised by my decision.”

I am well aware of these circumstances. I have played a lot of cricket in India. It is like my second home. I know very well how the wicket will behave here.steve smith

He further said, “I didn’t want to play like that at all. The opposition set the field the way we wanted. Many of their players were on the boundary line. We probably rushed. Will talk in the team meeting. When we will be on the field on Wednesday, we will try to take things forward with some restraint. The players had good opportunities to rotate the strike but we were in a rush.”

After the second test, the Australian team has got a lot of time to work on their mistakes. He was very disappointed with the way the Australian batsmen performed in the second Test and must have worked on it.Not only Australia, in front of Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, most of the teams are troubled in this way. Even before the batsmen understand anything, these two bowlers push the opposition team to the backfoot.

Smith said, “It is not going to be easy from anywhere. They (Indian team) know how to make you make mistakes when they are ahead of you. They play on their own terms. When you are under pressure If you are in India then you don’t have to rush and try to slow down the game a bit.It is most difficult for any batsman to start his innings in India.We know that you have to be very careful when you walk on the field. “

Smith further said, “I scored 30 runs in the first Test. Marnus (Labushen) also got a good start. However, we were not able to convert it into a big innings. A single good partnership can change the course of the game. I think Pete (Handscomb) batted very well in the first innings as well. If there was another batsman to hang with him, maybe we could have done better.”

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