Prithvi Shaw, Sapna Gill selfie controversy

Prithvi Shaw got into a run-in with social media influencer Sapna Gill and her friend Shobit Thakur outside a hotel in Mumbai’s Santacruz district after he refused to allow the Selfie to be clicked on himself, the AFP has checked. man and hit his car with a baseball bat. The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday. Oshiwara Police arrested Gill and seven others on charges of trying to harm the footballer by damaging his car and threatening to involve him in fraud.

The eight defendants followed Yadav to the police station where he threatened to file a bogus police complaint if he did not pay Rs 50,000 to settle the case. In response, Yadav sued the accused. Based on this complaint, Oshiwara Police filed a case under Sections 143 (unlawful assembly), 148 (extortion), 384 (extortion), 506 (criminal mischief), and other provisions of the Indian Penal Code (CPI).

Sapna Gill is a social media influencer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and also has an online presence on apps such as Josh’s video-sharing app, Snapchat and YouTube. He is originally from Chandigarh and lives in Mumbai. Police said the man was summoned to the police station for questioning on Thursday and was arrested after a preliminary investigation confirmed he was involved in the incident.

Sapna Gill’s attorney claimed the intruder was a Shaw fan and wanted to get personal with him. But the cricketer got drunk and misbehaved with him. He also accused the batter of hitting Gill with a wooden bat. Police also said Gill and Thakur were drunk at the time of the incident.

A complaint about the incident was filed by Ashish Yadav, Shaw’s roommate of three years and Shaw’s friend who runs the restaurant. After this complaint, the cricketer was called by Gill and Thakur to take selfies at the hotel, and Shaw was the first to allow them to click. However, when they asked to take more pictures with him, Shaw declined the offer, and Gill and his friend began to play with drunken crickets. The hotel manager, seeing this, intervened and asked Gill and Thakur to leave.

After this incident, Shaw and Yadav had dinner at the hotel. But when they came out, they saw Thakur with a baseball bat in his hand. The accused repeatedly attacked the windshield of the car. Shaw was also managed by Gill himself. The cricketer moved to another car and Yadav and others drove his car to Oshiwara. Yadav saw three motorcycles and a white car chase their car. At 4 am, searchers attacked his car as he was making a U-turn near a petrol station on Link Road. Thakur was one of those who chased the car and attacked its window with a bat. Six bikers, including Gill and Thakur, both sitting in the car, assaulted Yadav and his friends. Later, Yadav took the car to Oshiwara Police Station.

One of them, Thakur, smashed the car’s rear window with a baseball bat. Six men on motorbikes, along with Gill and Thakur, who were in the car, tortured Yadav and those with him. Later, Yadav took the car to Oshiwara Police Station.

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